Everyone knows grilled cheese is tomato soup’s best friend, but next time you make our classic tomato soup, try topping with one of these flavourful ideas. Which would you try first?


Go beyond traditional oyster crackers by topping your soup with any of these flavorful crunchy toppings.

1. Pretzels!

2. Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Crackers

3. Pumpkin Seeds

4. Croutons

5. Tortilla Strips

Creamy and Subtle

These toppings add just the right amount of coolness to a piping-hot bowl of soup.

6. Cheese

7. Avocado

8. Sour Cream


Kick up those taste buds on a brisk day with hot bowl of soup and these zesty ideas!

9. Pace® Salsa

10. Jalapeños


Does it feel like you’re running on empty? Load up your soup with great-tasting protein and satisfy that hunger!

11. Chicken

12. Chickpeas

13. Bacon Bits

Get Fresh

Don’t be afraid to add a little sprinkle of green to the soup bowl.

14. Basil

15. Green Onion


Can soup really be hearty? Absolutely! These ideas add satisfying texture to smooth tomato soup.

16. Quinoa

17. Macaroni


No tomato soup list would be complete without the ultimate dunkable sandwich—grilled cheese. And in case you need a recipe, check out our 3-step, 10-minute recipe below.

18. Grilled Cheese