1.  Don’t overwork the meat as you shape the burgers—compressing can toughen a burger and cause it to shrink excessively during cooking.

2.  Form the burgers so they’re slightly larger in diameter than the buns. Depending on the fat content of the ground meat, the patties will shrink during grilling; making them a little larger will ensure a good fit on the bun.

3.  After shaping, press an indentation about the size of a quarter in the middle of each patty so the center isn’t quite as thick as the edges. This will help the burgers cook evenly.

4.  During grilling, flip the patties just once, and never press them with the back of a spatula. Excessive flipping and pressing causes flavourful juices to escape and results in a dry burger.

5.  Toast those buns! It’ll help preserve some of the bun’s structural integrity. A juicy burger (plus moist toppings) will cause soft, untoasted buns to turn soggy and fall apart.