Prep time
20 MIN
Total time
6 H 20 MIN
Our Slow Cooker Spiced Beef Brisket recipe is satisfying dish fit for Sunday dinner. With vegetables and brisket slow-cooked in a bold, flavourful sauce, your whole family will love it!



  1. In a mixing bowl combine brisket with chili pepper,garlic,chili sauce,ketchup,Worcestershire sauce,mustard,and black pepper. Mix well until the meat is well coated with seasoning mixture.
  2. Place onions,carrots,potatoes,bay leaf and beef broth in bottom of a slow cooker. Add the brisket and top with seasoning mixture.
  3. Cook on high heat in slow cooker for 6 hours until brisket is tender.

Recipe Made With

CAMPBELL’S® No Salt Added Ready to Use Beef Broth

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